Friday, April 30, 2010

Installing windows 7 On Acer Apire 1410 Notebook Using A USB Memory Stick/ SD Card

There are three ways to go about installing Windows 7 on your Acer Aspire 1410 notebook without a DVD ROM. Before going about anything you have to get ready the things needed for the whole installation to take place perfectly.The three possible ways to go about it are:

1. Doing the installation from a virtual disk. This requires you to have wireless in your system.

2.Using external DVD ROM to do the installation.

3.Using a USB memory stick/SD card to do the installation.

If you are the type that couldn't afford the first two options the third one is meant for you and this information is rightly going to benefit you.


NB: The idea is that you are using Windows Vista/Windows 7 system in this installation or rather it is not compatible with Windows XP(if not which you would require to download some softwares before you can go about your installation).This process also works for any system.

Things you need at hand while doing the installation are :

1. USB stick or SD card of at least 4gb size.( When buying a USB memory stick, please, watch out for a good product make because pirated memory stick can give a hard time)

2.Have ready your Windows 7 DVD installation disc (this doesn't actually require you to have Windows 7 ISO - or else if you are still doubting you will have to download the DVD ISO online - that should be when using the Windows 7 DVD tool provided by Microsoft)

3.Have a memory card reader ready, if you are going to use an SD card for your installation.In Acer SD card port can't be used to do your Windows 7 installation even when it is displayed as funtioning option in your booting setup or can be read.

4.Ready to follow the instructions as given.

Step 1: Run your command prompt as an administrator by clicking on START --> All Programs --> Accessories -->Command Prompt(right on Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator").

Step 2: At the DOS prompt or command prompt simply type "Diskpart" and depress ENTER key.

Step 3: Type "List disk" and press ENTER key to display the available disks in the system, both removable and fixed.Your disk is usually the one with the size of your USB memory stick or SD card capacity.

Step 4: Type "Select disk 1" and press ENTER key if that is the capacity of your USB stick /SD card size rather select another disk if it is not.

Step 5: Type "Clean" and press ENTER key to erase anything on the USB memory stick or SD card.

Step 6: Type "Create partition primary" and press ENTER key to create a partition.

Step 7: Type "Select partition 1" and press the ENTER key. Type "Active" and press the ENTER key.

Step 8: Type "Format fs=ntfs" and press ENTER key to start formatting to ntfs( which is faster than the FAT32 -File Allocation Table 32 bits).Wait for the formatting to end.

Step 9: Type "Assign" and press ENTER key.

Step 10: Type "Exit" and press ENTER key to end the routine. But, don't exit fully from the command prompt.

Step 11: Insert your DVD installation disc and click on your My computer. Look for the letter assigned to your DVD ROM and type letter "E:"and press ENTER key - if the letter assigned to your DVD ROM optical drive is E or rather type right letter that is assigned to it.

Step 12: Type "Cd boot" and press ENTER key.

Step 13: Type "bootsect /nt60" and press ENTER key.If you are in doubt about your boot sector you can find out by typing bootsect/? and press ENTER key.

Step 14: Now copy all the files from you DVD installation disc to your USB memory stick /SD card. When you've finished doing the copying of the files you will see Windows 7 icon on your USB/SD card drive.

Step 15: Take the USB/SD card( for SD card you will have to use a card reader to connect to any USB port)put it into the USB port of your Acer Aspire 1410 notebook 11.6inch and reboot and during booting quickly depress the F12 key to select the right port.

NB: During installation and if you experienced a problem of "BOOTMGR! not found" it means you did not follow the instruction here rightly. Then,you will have to start all over again.