Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Computer Switches Off After A Few Time

If you are experiencing computer booting off after 2 hours or so in a row when you have tried every available solution at your disposal with no possible result, this information is for you.

You probably start your computer as usual expecting to work without hitches. To your utmost surprise the computer went off after about 2 to 3 hours of work. When you switch it on again it works for about another 2 to 3 hours or thereabout and goes off with all your works lost at the process. Many ideas that came to you where that something minor has happened to your system or you mistakenly touched the power button or probably the power button has gone wrong. The end result seems to prove something else after trying to debug the problem yourself. Yet, you are left with no alternative solution than to contact your customer's care center for necessary repairs.

If you have been going through such intermittent turning off of your computer there is a solution for you here.

Step 1: Put on your computer and download malware remover from Google or Bing search engines. Install and run the malware remover.

Step 2: Possibly you will detect the malwares making your system overheating during the process of working for few time.

Step 3: Remove those malwares and restart your system.(if you are still experiencing the problem
you can proceed to STEP IV).

Step 4: Check your if the Software you installed recently before you started to experience the problem and uninstall it. Some cam software an be a consequential cause sometime - not all the time. Clean up your registry with ccleaner and see if the system still repeating the same process.

Step 5: If you are still going through this process of repeated turning off of your system then the problem must be with the processor. Your micro -processor is then the actual culprit here.

Step 6: Warning: Don't do this if you are not familiar with system repairs and maintenance.
Put off your system from the main, removing the power supply plug from the socket.Open the casing and and remove the processor cooling fan accordingly. After that remove the micro-processor. You can look closely at the micro processor if you can find any dent on it or the compartment for the micro-process and the gold connectors.

Step 7: If there is a single dent on the connect or dust on the fan there is every possibility it is the cause of the problem. if it is dent or a broken connects you have to replace the motherboard(mobo) with a new one. In the case of dust all you need do is remove the dust with air canister or dust it with a fluff that can not damage the connectors.

Step 8: The case of replacing it will solve it if the connector are broken. If the case of of dust in the cooling fan for the processor after dusting it the system will come back to normal function.

Step 9: Just cover the casing back and boot up your system. It will work perfectly as before the problem.