Friday, May 2, 2014

How To Fix 'FATAL ERROR: One Or More Table Pointers Are Invalid. Modification Could Be Unsafe' In Windows 8

You are possibly getting the error message at your system boot due to missing 'bootsect.exe' file from the 'System32' folder of the Windows directory. It is often the cause of the problem after Windows fresh installation.

Image of the bootsect.exe missing error in Windows 8 

What the system does is to display the error message of the missing file and ask you to press any key to continue booting. If you did not hit any key it will remain there while you ponder what the cause of the problem could be.

However, the 'bootsect.exe' is a tool used to repair the boot sector of your computer. It helps to update the master boot code for hard disk partition to switch between  Boot Manager(BOOTMGR) and New Technology System Loader(NTLDR), which is a boot loader for Windows Operating System.

If you are experiencing this issue after finishing fresh setup of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, this information is meant for you to quickly forestall it. To do that follow the instruction below.

Image of bootsect.exe system  FATAL ERROR

STEP 1: Restart your system and press any key to continue booting to your desktop environment.

Image showing red arrow pointing to removable Windows drive

STEP 2: Insert your Windows 8 USB or DVD packages and double-click to open it.

Red arrow pointing to Boot folder

STEP 3: Next, double-click on 'Boot' folder to open it.

Red arrows pointing to process to take

STEP 4: Right-click on 'bootsect.exe' and select 'Copy' to copy the file.

Red arrow pointing to Local Disk (C:)

STEP 5: Double-click on your 'Local Disk(C:)'  to continue.

Image of red arrow pointing to Windows directory

STEP 6: Click on 'Windows' folder and open it.

Red arrow pointing to System32 folder

STEP 7: Locate 'System32' folder from the 'Windows directory' and double-click on it.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Paste on drop-down menu

STEP 8: Right-click inside the 'System32' folder and select Paste  from the drop-down menu to paste the 'bootsect.exe' file.

Red arrow pointing to Run as administrator

STEP 9: Right-click on the 'bootsect.exe' and select 'Run as administrator' to load it. Restart your system for changes to take effect.