Monday, August 20, 2012

DX Error 0x8876017C During Skype Video Call In Windows

The "DX Error 0x8876017C " error dialogue usually comes up during video call in Skype chat. It pops up small window preventing one from proceeding further to establish connection. 

This error has been said to be coming from the Microsoft  multimedia handling Application Programming Interfaces(API) installed on the Windows system. It usually has something to do with the DirectX features.

Image of DX error in Skype 

To find solution to the disturbing pop-up dialogue  follow step-by-step  information below.

Image of Sign Out in Skype

Step 1: Sign out of your Skype chat.

Image Showing Windows + R keys

Step 2:  Press the Windows Key and R key simultaneously.

Image of Run dialogue in Windows 8

Step 3: Type dxdiag into the dialogue that come up and click 'OK'.

Image of DirextX Diagnostic Tool in Windows 8

Step 4: At the 'DirectX Diagnostic Tool'  select 'Display'.

Image of disabling DirectX Acelerator in Windows XP

Step 5: Under 'DirectX feartues'  locate ' DirectDraw Acceleration' and click 'Disable' which is close to it, to disable the feature.(Note the ATI  mobility accelerator cannot be disable in Windows 7 or 8 - to do that requires you to uninstall it and replace with generic Windows driver)

Image of DirectX Diagnostic Tool with missing disable tab

Step 5:  Sign into your Skype chat and make your video call.