Thursday, May 1, 2014

How To Fix 'Windows 8.1 Pro SecureBoot Isn’t Configured Correctly Build 9600' Error

Secure boot is a UEFI devised  process to boot Windows Operating Systems (OS) with its original default installation. This firmware acts as the Basic Input and Output System(BIOS) for the computers which have it as their booting process.

Image showing SecurBoot configuration error message on the desktop screen In Windows 8.1

It comes with a lot of added advantages which include securing your Operating System with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). That means the Windows in your system is licensed and absolutely legitimate to be used by you or anybody and can be updated regularly. 

If at a point you are upgrading your Operating System from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and you encounter a watermark displays below the extreme right-hand corner of your screen with the message, 'Windows 8.1 pro. SecureBoot isn't configured correctly. Build 9600',  there is need to do something and remove it. It is not the usual sign of non-activated Windows message but error emanating from the system BIOS.

To get around it there is need to follow the step-by-step instruction below for a quick and working solution.

Image of a keyboard with function keys on the first row

STEP 1: Restart your system and immediately depress your system BIOS entering key at your keyboard. In most system F2 does that. On how to enter into your system BIOS visit this LINK.

Image of red arrow pointing to Boot tab at the BIOS

STEP 2: At the BIOS Setup, use your directional keys(the arrow keys) to move to  'Boot' tab.

Image showing red arrow pointing to a disabled Secure Boot

STEP 3: Look for 'Secure Boot' and to the right-hand side of it change the status from 'Disabled' to 'Enabled'.

Image showing red arrow pointing to F10 Key in your keyboard

STEP 4: Press F10 key to save changes and exit' to restart the system.

Image showing the website of the LINK

STEP 5: If you are still experiencing the same problem, please, visit this LINK on how to upgrade your BIOS. It always work in removing the SecureBoot message from your screen.