Saturday, June 12, 2010

CPU Usage Is Too High

When you are experiencing "CPU usage is too high " during Mozilla Firefox ,Safari browsing and you see this message popping up every time you run them you probably have a solution.There is something you can do to help when you receive such message in BOINC manager . By the time you try to carry out one of those processes you received that message and wondered if you have gotten a malware in your system. You run your malware removal several times without success in finding solution.Some of you even resort to formatting the hard disk(HD) of your system and later received the buggy message. What you have to do to find long lasting solution is as follows:

Step 1: Click on "My Computer" --> C drive -->Windows-->System32

Step 2: At the System32 folder look for the file DWMapi.dll (it is usually a file size of 66KO in Windows Vista) and delete it

Step 3: Close the System32 folder and close you browser.

Step 4: Rerun a new browser by clicking on your Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser.

NOTE: This will effect no change in your BOINC manager that has been suspending execution lately. It's usually advisable to visit BOINC website for technical help. But, before doing that this simple idea helps me to get it under control. Disable your Antivirus and other programs using larger part of your processor from your system tray while running BOINC.