Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Problem Of Webcam Not Working On Skype In Windows Operating System

It is not a major issue as such if other applications can display video camera. When Skype fails to display its webcam and giving the error, 'it is not in use or there is no webcam device available in your system', it becomes clear something is wrong somewhere. Trying it in yahoo messenger or live Messenger works without any error message.

You have probably tried every information at your disposal to find solution without any result. There is a time when you uninstall and re-install the Skype application and clean your registry still without a fix. There is need to look further than that why the camera cannot communicate with Skype. This step requires painstaking approach that includes uninstall of most toolbars and unnecessary applications at your Control Panel. These include any application you are suspicious to be of malicious intent.

Before doing anything there is need to scan the system for malicious software by using the most effective means of eliminating malicious software from a system. 

If you are facing this problem of webcam refusing to display on Skype while it works perfectly well in other application, this step-by-step information is meant for. 

Image showing the link page

SEPT 1:  Scan your system for malicious software. To do that visit this  LINK.

Image showing Programs and Feature

STEP 2: Go to your 'Programs and Feature' at the 'Control Panel' to Uninstall all toolbars and unnecessary applications before the problem occured.  

Image of Ccleaner

STEP 3:  Clean your system with Ccleaner. Google on Ccleaner and download it from a trusted site.

Image showing Windows + R keys

STEP 4:  Press Windows + R keys to open 'Run'. 

Image showing Run dialogue

STEP 5:  Type or copy and paste  devmgmt.msc  into 'Run' and click 'OK' to continue.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Image devices

STEP 6:  Click 'Imaging devices' to expand it.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Unnstall

STEP 7:  Right-click on the camera device, click 'Uninstall' and 'OK' to uninstall it.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Scan for hardware changes icon

STEP 8: Click on the 'Scan for hardware changes' tab(the icon with a lens)for the system to reinstall the device driver. **If it doesn't install automatically download the camera driver from your system maker official site and install it**.

Image showing of Skype Sign-in

STEP 9:  Sign into your Skype and test your webcam.