Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Micro-Star International MS-7211(model PM8M3-V) Drivers

It is somehow difficult locating the driver for MS-7211 Micro-Star International motherboard drivers at times. Finding the right motherboard at the maker official website can be drudgery due to the way the company name their Mobos. On the other hand, Micro-Star International, as a computer maker, is among one of the most exclusive in the market  providing up-to-date  live update for system drivers. There are little information one needs to be acquainted with  before going about the downloading of the drivers meant  for any particular system.

Image of MS-7211 Micro-Star International Motherboard

Step 1: You have to be very familiar with the way the model is named for your system. Micro-Star International MS-7211 is mainboard model PM8M3-V.You are not going to see something like Mcro-star international MS-7211 which your system is going to tell you through dxdiag (activeX) displayed information.

Step 2: Visit and follow the instruction there

Step 3: Click on "msi global , Remember my preference below" to tick and click OK to continue.

Step 4: Click on Downloads and continue to another page. There you will look for Mainboard and little under it are list of items. Click on Archives, there you will find your model PM8M3-V for your Micro-Star International MS-7211 system.

Step 5: PM8M3-V is under Socket 775( intel p4) - the intel pentium 4. Scroll down to get the file PM8M3-v and click on it to continue.

Step 6: Simply look for your drivers which are missing here for Micro-Star International MS-7211 to download them or simply click utility on the little table on the page.

Step 7: Download the utility which is live update 4 or the latest Live update 5 to your desktop.

Image of Micro-Star International Live Update 5

For further information on Micro-Star International Live Update 5 visit the official website

Step 8: Run the file and follow instruction one by one by clicking the first one, go on to the second to save the drivers click on the third after finishing downloading. At the end of everything to open the folder where the files are saved simply click YES.

Step 9: It is important to run the chipset  for the motherboard first before going about any other drivers for your system. This will make other drivers to be installed with ease.