Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Change Remote Desktop(RDP) Microsoft Windows Server User's Password

The reason why there is need to change your Remote Desktop(RDP) user's password in some cases is for security and other unknown breaches. While it is necessary to do so from a vantage point making your information secure in office or at home is worthwhile.   It has to come in the form of preventing intruders who are possibly with your password to be locked-out thereby unable to sign into your remote desktop.

This routine of changing the user's password of your remote computer comes at a time when you are trying to sign in to your Microsoft Windows Server only to be signed out in few minutes time. A closer look reveals somebody or something is attempting to log into your remote system from somewhere else. However,you are cleared of potential hack but your administration hasn't told you of any changes lately at work nor have you made any changes to your home system. If you have been careless with your user's password  by given it out to a trusted friend there is need to start changing your remote desktop password right away.

Image of  Remote Desktop Connection

The process is simple and requires some rudimentary undertaken. This has to do with following instruction as to provisions by Microsoft Windows Server creator. The very idea to have the password change without wasting much time is to do it accordingly by following instruction.

If you are in the habit of losing your  password to hack all rather crack there is need to start resorting to this means of changing your user's password regularly. It might come at a time when you are suspicious of intruders. this when this step-by-step information is meant to help you forestall the problem and have your mind at ease.

Before going about the user's password change you must be able to log into your Microsoft Windows Server of your remote desktop first. Without having the information at hand to sign into your remote desktop there is not possibility you can succeed in carrying out this process.


Image showing search in Windows 8

STEP 1:  Move your mouse cursor to the extreme right-hand side of top corner of your screen and click 'Search'.

Image showing result for Remote Desktop Connect
STEP 2:  Type Remote Desktop Connection into the search and click 'Remote Desktop Connection' to the left-hand side of your system.

Image showing an example of Remote Computer identification

STEP 3: Enter your  remote system 'Computer' identification and click 'Connect' as usual.

Image showing dialogue for your credentials

STEP 4: On the next dialogue screen enter your credentials under, your username and password at  'Windows Security' and click 'OK' 

Image showing red arrow pointing to Start

STEP 5: After signing in, click 'Start' at the left-hand lower corner of your screen.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Windows Security

STEP 6: Click 'Windows Security' to continue.

Image showing screen to change your password

STEP 7: Next click 'Change Password' at the 'Windows Security' screen to continue.

Image showing the screen for changing of password

STEP 8: Enter your old password into the Old password area provided and enter your new password into the following area provided and confirm it at the third space provided. Click circled arrow button for changes to take effect.