Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Webcam Is Either Disabled Or Has Failed. Please Check Your Webcam Settings' In Toshiba

This error is explained in its message, either your webcam is disabled or has failed all together. If you have used the webcam recently and there is every evidence that it works there is need for you to look further  for ways to forestall the problem.

Image showing Webcam error

However, this problem is the inability to get the webcam to launch after installing your system webcam driver, in this case, the 'Toshiba Webcam Assistance Utility'. It is obvious that's the right driver for your system webcam but it fails to launch when the camera is known to be in good condition. 

If you are having this issue with your Toshiba system and you have tried everything possible to make it works without any solution this step-by-step information is meant for you. It will surprisingly be what you have been looking for online without doubt.

To start off with make sure you install all necessary drivers meant for your Toshiba system before going about it (not necessarily but expedient for functionality, like the Chipset driver). So that you make sure all necessary steps to forestall the problem are carried  out perfectly.

Image showing Windows + R key

STEP 1:  Click Windows + R key to open 'Run'. 

Image showing Run dialog

STEP 2:  Type or copy and paste  dxdiag  into it and click 'OK' to continue. 

Image showing Auto detect at Toshiba Website

STEP 3:  Check your system model and write it down or visit Toshiba official website and use their 'Auto detect' utility to get the full information about your system model.

Image showing arrow pointing to BIOS Update driver

STEP 4:  Download the latest Basic Input and Output System (BIOS) driver for your system model. Please, make sure you downloaded the exact BIOS driver for your system make without any slight difference in specs.

Image showing Toshiba webcam UninstallSheild Wizard

STEP 5:  Uninstall the 'Toshiba Webcam Assistance Utility' you installed before from the Control Panel.

Task-free Desktop before flashing a system BIOS 

STEP 6:   Close every thing you are doing after saving your opened works before flashing the BIOS.

Uninterrupted BIOS update in progress

STEP 7:   Make sure you connect your system to the main power supply and don't interrupt the process when it begins. Follow onscreen instructions carefully to flash your system BIOS.

Image showing Toshiba Webcam InstallShield Wizard.

STEP 8:  Re-install the Toshiba Webcam Assistance Utility  and launch it after finishing with the installation.

Note: If you are still experiencing the same problem after following this instruction it is time to replace your webcam hardware.