Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Solve Corrupted Internet Explorer 10 Problem In Windows 8

A corrupted Internet Explorer is not going to come up nor give any sign of working. Even, when you keep clicking on it hoping to see it opens. To right-click on the Internet Explore icon on your system desktop and see some Asian scripts on the drop-down menu, with Create Short-cut and Delete, to be the only two items in English language, that is likely an evidence something is wrong with it.

Image of corrupted Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

You've tried  to uninstall  and reinstall  it with no positive solution. And,  you deleted it only for the icon to return back to the earlier position shows a sign of corruption.  

However,  Internet Explorer 10 can not be downloaded on-line nor will Windows 8 allows you to install previous ones without a hack. Hacked Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 8 seems to perform poorly and bridges securities.

To solve this problem follow the step-by-step solution below.

Image of Windows 8 DVD

STEP 1 : Make sure you have your original Windows 8 DVD ready. 

Image of optical drive

STEP 2: Insert it into your  optical drive and restart the system.

Image showing Sony Vaio Logo

STEP 3: Before the system logo screen appears quickly depress the boot-options key and select your system to boot from the optical drive.

Image showing System Repair in Windows 8 

STEP 4:  Do a system repair. On how to do a system repair in Windows 8 visit this LINK

Image showing Refresh your PC in Windows 8

STEP 5: If  system repaired, click 'Advanced Options' and  'Refresh you PC'. This will keep your file and important folders but you may need to reinstall some of your software.

Image of Start screen in Windows 8

STEP 6:  To do Refresh from your Windows 8 Start, move your cursor to the edge of your right-hand side of  the START screen.

Image showing Change PC Settings in Windows 8

STEP 7: Select 'Settings'  and click 'Change PC Settings'.

Image showing Pc Settings in Windows 8

STEP 8:  At the 'PC Settings' select 'General' and click 'Get started' beneath 'Refresh your PC without affecting your files'.

Image of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 (courtesy of Microsoft)

STEP 9: Wait for the system to finish the process and make use of your Internet Explorer 10 to browse.