Sunday, June 24, 2012

Operating System Repair In Windows 8

Doing Windows operating system repair is a very useful process when the system encountered some abnormalities or errors. It is a process that helps to bring back the efficient working condition of  the personal computer. This is required when other quick and simple means of repair has been attempted without success.

The difference from most ways of fixing a computer problem is it usually comes in hand with options ranging from automatic repair to recovery of the whole system files. It becomes a formidable tool to solve strange errors problem like the ones which won't quite easily.

 However, it's not a solution to all operating system problems. There are cases of virus infection where it's worthless of doing operating system repair without additional assistance of using Anti-virus packages to remove the malicious software first before going about it. If one is plagued with malicious attacks before resorting to doing a system repair, there is a need to visit this LINK on how to effectively remove them from a system. 

Before proceeding with the repair there are few things to have around. One of them is the USB/DVD installation or recovery disc. The other one is to make sure the charger is connected to main power or  is on direct power supply.

To do Windows operating system repair follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Insert your system installation/recovery disc or USB into appropriate places

Step 2:  Restart the computer and set your system to boot from external USB or from optical drive.

Step 3:  The computer would boot from any of your choice of the two options.

Image of Windows 8 Setup

Step 4:  At 'Windows 8' environment make sure everything is in order ,the Keyboard language, Currency and the Language and click 'Next'.

Image of Windows 8 install now screen

Step 5: At 'Install now' screen below at the left-hand side click 'Repair your computer'.

Image of  Diagnosing your PC screen

Step 6: Wait for system to pass 'Diagnosing your PC' and 'Attempting repair' .

Image of Windows 8 Attempting repairs

Step 7:  Next Windows will move to 'Attempting repairs'.

Image of a failed Automatic repair

Step 8: If there is problem click 'Advance options' on the next screen to do System restore.

On how to do a system restore in Windows 8 visit this LINK.