Monday, February 25, 2013

How To re-install (Turn On) Internet Explorer In Windows 8

In windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 is turned off and on, unlike the previous Internet Explorers where you have to uninstall them at the Add/Remove of the Control Panel and reinstall them from downloaded files.

However, to turn on Internet Explorer 10 that's turned off lately the following information below will help you in doing just that.

Image of Keyboard showing Windows Key +R 

STEP 1:  Press Windows Key + R simultaneously to get 'Run' dialogue.

Image of Run in Windows 8

STEP 2: Copy and paste    appwiz.cpl   into the 'Run' and click 'OK' to continue.

Image of Programs and Features in Windows 8

STEP 3:  At 'Programs and Features' click on 'Turn Windows features on or off'(it is to your left-hand side of the Programs and Features dialogue).

Image of Windows and Feature showing OK in Windows 8

STEP 4:  Checked the space  close to 'Internet Explorer 10' at the 'Windows Features' and  click 'OK'.

Image of  processing a task in Windows 8

STEP 5: Click 'OK'  and wait for Windows to process the task.

Image of Windows Feature showing Restart in Windows 8

STEP 6: At the next 'Windows Features' dialogue click 'Restart' to restart the system.