Thursday, May 31, 2012

System Freezes During Windows Installation

It is a rare case during Windows setup to see system freezes up after loading the installation files. Technically, there are related problems trace back to hardware, software and subsequent disk failures. To help identify the culprits it is required to carry out scrutiny with patience. Even after utilizing all available knowledge based on what transpired of the information at one's disposal one can still figure out the origin of the trouble right within the system.

Windows XP installation Setup Screen - courtesy of

Doing a Windows installation after a system crash or total failure due to dead motherboard that has been replaced with a new one is always the rightful way to go in getting back previously stored important information in the computer. The experience of the incidence that led to the problem is a shocking one because of the way it happened and hoping important files are still resting in the bowel of the hard disk for retrieval is much encouraging. Much of the concerns is directed at getting back the system to function as it used to be before the new purchase of the motherboard or trying to do a fresh installation after the system total crash.

An image of Windows 7 Setup screen.

However, the time is ticking fast and the annoying thing is the setup freezes at a point during installation. It becomes obvious there is more trouble to face after the replacement of the motherboard. Indeed, if this trouble is pertaining to the  very own system the following steps will be helpful to get it working again.

A Windows 8 installation screen

Step 1: Remove the Windows installation disk and check for cracks and scratches.If there is any replace it with a good one.

Step 2: Check the size of the system RAM(Random Access Memory), at least 512MB is fairly minimum for XP and 1 GB is the minimum requirement for Windows Vista, 7 and 8. On how to change RAM visit this link.

Step 3: Change the data cable or SATA if possibly present, for likely broken cables.

Step 4: Check the condition of the CD/DVD ROM(Read Only Memory) if it is working properly.It can usually be a culprit.

Step 5:  Do the installation from USB if the CD/DVD ROM is faulty or malfunctioned.To do that visit this link

Step 6: Check if the Hard disk is faulty or malfunctioned. This is highly a possible cause of Windows installation freezing.

Step 7: If the Hard disk is faulty, it is time to get another one in good working condition.

Step 8: Check if any the RAMs are bad. It is another one of  the very liable causes of  the problem.

Step 9: Check the BIOS for proper settings. It is good to restore default settings if not sure on what to do at the BIOS.