Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slow Windows Installation Problem

It is possibly one of several Windows installations carried out but it is different from the others done in time past. No error message displayed on screen pointing to what's wrong with the Windows setup. Everything seems to be working fine only the pace at which the process is being carried out is outrageously slow. From the time the installation disk is inserted to the loading of files run gradually but smoothly util the the time of decompressing and copying of the loaded files. The indicator at the lower right-hand side of the screen runs endlessly, it is as if the system is  running particular process in a loop.

Image 1.  Setup remains running without change at 35 minutes

The 'Collecting Information' is done swiftly,  'Dynamic Update' went through without any hitch and the 'Preparing Installation' just finished. One hour passed still no sign of it getting over the 'Installing Windows' point. Looking little below the time displayed for the installation to complete drops sluggishly or even endlessly and it is a bit disturbing. It is non-encouraging for other necessary drivers needed to be forestalled on time the Windows Operating System  of  the computer to function well.

On about what to do in getting passed that point seems impossible. Intention to press some keys for any change is persuading yet angrily. One of the minds says to wait and waiting for another hour thing remains the same. This steps is meant for you to get your installation done on time. 

Image 2.  An example of windows 8 Task Manager 

If you're experiencing such there is a quick way to find easy solution and proceed to do other thing.

Step 1:  Remove the Windows installation disk from the ROM drive.

Step 2:  Put off the system by pushing the power button holding it down till it switches off.

Step 3:  Clean the installation disk with soft cloth or cleansing solvent. Also check for cracks on the disk.

Step 4:  Replace the installation disk if cracked with a good one to begin with the Windows setup.

Step 5:  At option screen (as in the image above)  press SHIFT+F10 key to enter Windows command prompt.

Step 6:  At the command prompt type  taskmgr to invoke the task manager(as in the image 2 above).

Step 7: Select 'Process' and below it is displayed list of files.Among them is 'Setup.exe' right-click on it and move to 'Priority'  to select 'High or Above Normal'.

Step 8:  Wait for the installation to speed up the process.