Thursday, January 6, 2011

Failed to Get Proc Address for D3DPERF_Setoptions(d3d9.dll) In Skype

The error is from the direct-link library file d3d9.dll that's required by your system. It is found in the Windows System32 directory folder for Skype to work properly(required during installation). Encountering this warning message during installation can be challenging when ideas about DLL files format extension are limited. The usefulness  of the file to the Skype is  not far fetched as Skype keeps requesting to have it present in a system for it to function seamlessly. However, the new Skype used to come up with this warning issue in Windows XP due to compatibility.

From the very palpable steps available in solving it only one step seems to be easier than the others. That is, going for the old Skype installation package. It is recommendable to forage among many old Skype versions online to do that than go for the most recent one in other to be abreast of some Skype features. If you aren't comfortable with the use of aging versions of Skype, at least as a last resort, it would be advisable to download the d3d9.dll from the internet and extract it to your System32 folder. Before downloading the file, make sure you have a better idea of the link authenticity, for security and privacy purposes. Nevertheless, taking the time to look for trusted sites is rewarding for the efficiency of a system as well as for the  safety of important files  against malicious attacks.

Some information about d3d9.dll, which stands for Microsoft Direct3D direct-library link is said to be pertaining to system network security while on the other hand it is used by Windows during graphic in DirectX. It is asserted that Windows can hardly function properly without it and  Skype that needs it for its functionality. From database this file seems to be assigned to Microsoft system 32 folder and it shouldn't be removed from there for whatsoever reason.

Image of d3d9.dll error message during Skype installation in Windows XP

After exhaustive aforementioned processes while there is still issue experienced of ' Failed to Get Proc Address for D3DPERF_Setoptions(d3d9.dll)' when trying to connect Skype, the following steps below would be of great help to forestall the problem.

Image of a new Skype sign-in window

Take the steps below to forestall the problem with the d3d9.dll error.

Image showing Skype Uninstaller

Step 1: First and foremost, uninstall the Skype you installed before. Possibly, it's the latest package usually meant for higher system requirements and restart your system for total change to take effect.

Image of the website link to download old skype

Step 2: Download old Skype Version 4 which is as close in features to the most recent package from Google. On the other way round, you can also quickly download it from this link Site.

Image showing how to install Skype

Step 3: Double-click on the downloaded file and follow instruction to finish the installation . After completing the installation run the program. Your Skype will be up working without any warning error message.

Image showing official website to download Windows installer 3.1

Step 4: If after all you are still getting the same problem this would solve it by downloading Windows installer 3.1 from Microsoft website

NB: The error is not associated with corrupted file(s). It's not obligatory to download other DLL(Dynamic-Link Library) files nor run registry cleaner to solve the problemBut, if you are so much interested in runnng the latest Skype you are required to download  D3d9.dll and extract it to your Windows system32 folder.