Saturday, May 5, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

In the advent of the released of Windows 8 Developer Preview there's lots of buzz on the internet much about what changes it's going to bring to the operating system community and beyond. The download link quickly replicated, from personal torrents to websites. Some redirecting to the Microsoft official website for the download while others on the verge of sending out malicious program in order to damage people's important files lingered.

It's a confusing situation indeed, most especially, after searching through YouTube videos and sites for rumors about the changes which left one wanting for more lacking information. On rare cases, the videos of how the screen looks were quickly duplicated on YouTube. Even some parody with discouraging comments posted along sides these flicks supported the need for a better Windows that would bring back those parts of its users changing to Linux.

                                            A shot of Windows 8 Developer Preview metro apps

Among the few people who downloaded it, which I was one of them, were given the opportunity to use some of the developer tools provided to design and implement various packages. Of which I found the HTML5 use for the design of metro applications at the startup very interesting. The Windows store worked at minimum best. Radio and television store by that time were not online. I could remember trying to get online several times with message, ' Windows store is not online, check back  soon'.

Not few than three months later the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released to the public. A near perfect copy of the developer preview with the store fully online( there were still lot of items not operational). At booting, a sky blue babbling fish atop circling beads indicate trying to start the system turned out to be the first screen to see. At the login it requires an existing email address to log in or you would have to create one for that to be possible. The email address is always displayed at the process of signing in connecting to hotmail server, more like signing into your email box - that's when one is connected to the internet.

                                                  A babbling fish at Startup

                                        Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The apps were a bit smaller than those of the Developer Preview (DP) and to the right hand side of the screen were the search, device, share, start and setting. It would slide to the left as the cursor move closer to the extreme lower corner.

Windows 8 has come to stay with the aesthetic graphical user interface, the metro apps (which look more like the tablets), and the desktop, although, not so much different from Windows 7, there's no start at the right-hand side as you would find in Windows 7. Most Windows 7 software work on Windows 8 consumer preview, excepting for a few which usually run on compatibility mode. There is no doubt that Windows 8 is a modified version of 7, but with better look and freedom to interact and  the additional metro apps Window.

There were information online that the basic reason it took that dimension was the implementing of Windows 8 into tablets environment, as tablets are now much in the mainstream internet network and communication.

         A shot of Windows 8 Consumer Preview metro apps

To install Windows 8 Consumer Preview in your system you need to follow the steps below or visit the official Windows 8 Consumer Preview for further information.

Step 1: To install Windows 8 Consumer Preview as Developer Preview is no longer supported you would have to check for the System Requirements by Microsoft. If your system meet up to the minimum requirements you can start off by downloading the ISO file from the Official Website.

Step 2: Burn the downloaded ISO file with an ISO Burner to a DVD. You can Google on free ISO Burner online if you don't have one already.

Step 3: Insert the newly created DVD into your system DVD reader/writer ROM and restart your system. Make sure you direct it to boot from the DVD drive.

Step 4: After installation visit Windows 8 online forum for more information and rumor going on about it on the internet.

NB: It is recommendable to play around learning many things about the user interface and other metro applications, like the online store, games, the metro internet explorer,etc.