Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Compaq HP Presario c700 Charging Problems

Compaq HP Presario C700 battery is not charging. When you check the battery meter there is constant drop in the level. On the message displayed on your screen upon hovering your mouse over the battery icon on the extreme lower left corner of your desktop, an  'x % available(plugged in,not charging)' come up and gradually disappear. This issue is not coming from the battery adapter per se as the first intention would likely seemed. It is a problem that has to do with hardware related in so many ways than software. 

Taking a closer look at the battery compartment and cleaning the connectors would be a first step to think about. Indeed, there is nothing wrong in keeping your system clean of  dirt and debris at this moment. 

Do not ponder so much on what to do in solving the problem as you are quite aware there is slim chance the problem is software related. In either ways, looking at it from both sides clear one's mind of doubts. For that part of the software to be put at bay try to download Microsoft AC adapter from Google. Run the download by double-licking on it and continue with the installation process. In other hand, it can as well be advisable to  uninstall  Microsoft AC adapter,Microsoft API- Compliant Control Method Battery and Microsoft Composit Battery at the system Device Management , perhaps, as you have been already told on your searches from Google, Bing,etc. There is no time wasted in getting familiarize with such process for no stone to be left unturned. Do not replace the power jack blue with another one,that is at the point where the power cable is connected to your system just around the spot where you have the blue LED(Light-Emitting Diode) displayed during your battery charge.

                                          A warning message of a failing power system

Step 1: Put off your system power from the main. Bring the computer DC battery from laptop and clean the connector with a brush.If you can not reach for a cleaning brush you can as well use a regular toothbrush to do the cleaning.

Step 2: Plug in the charger to the system(Laptop, Netbook,etc) and press the power button to put it on.

Step 3: Wait for the laptop to boot up.

Step 4: Play some songs on your media player for about 15 minutes. If the system trips off, the culprit is the charger. Meaning you have to replace it with a new or working one.

Step 5: Now insert the battery into the battery bay and start your system. Wait to see if the battery is charging. Hover the cursor over the battery icon to see if the battery is charging. If not charging after about 2 minutes the battery is probably dead while the new charger is working perfectly after the replacement.

Step 6: Replace the battery with a new or a working one. Turn on the system and observe it for some time.

Note: There are usually these two related issue that affect your computer system during this message error display problem: (a) * 'x % available(plugged in,notcharging). (b) Sometime may dislpay 'plugged in,charging',in the real sense not charging.

*x -represent whatever level of battery available at the time of error message