Thursday, July 22, 2010

Installing Windows 7 On Asrock 775i65G MoBo (Motherboard)

Asrock 775i65G motherboard is not meant for Windows 7 or 8 installation. The makers made that clear on their website as they never provided any driver for Windows 7 or 8 Operating  System installation. Probably, having the intention of installing Windows 7 on it is a good thing but there is every possibility that you will encounter driver related issues.

Before going about the installation processe make sure Windows 7 system requirements are meant accordingly. It might require a Google-search to do that if you are not sure of your system configuration. Nevertheless, there is a solutions to the drivers problems when you have made up your mind to go with the Windows setup.

                                The image above represents System Requirements by Microsoft Windows 7

Step 1: Make sure your RAM(Random Access Memory) is about 1GB, which is Windows 7 or 8 minimum RAM requirement. Please, use the link above to find out extra information about Windows 7 or 8 system requirements and verify them against your system configuration before going about the installation process.

Step 2: Check your BIOS to make sure it is 775i65G Asrock motherboard. To do that, restart the system and immediately press F2 to get into the BIOS setup. At the information section check for the BIOS version - in other word the motherboard check for the type beside BIOS version. It represents  the Asrock system model as displayed on the BIOS screen. Write it down for a handy reference.

Step 3: Get the Windows 7 or 8 installation disk ready to start off with  the installation immediately. Choose the Windows 7 version of your choice (Home basic, Premium, Home Premium, Starter, Professional or Ultimate) or Windows 8 version of your choice and the architecture( it defines the unit of data used by the particular processor design of your system - it  simply of 8 bit, 16 bit, 36 bit or  the 64 bit  system). 

Step 4: After installation the audio is the first thing to be noticed as problem when the sound isn't coming up nor the icon appearing on the system tray. This is due to missing sound or other drivers compatibility problem. 

Step 5: To solve the drivers issue go to Asrock Download Center to download the audio driver and other necessary drivers for Windows XP. The absolute truth is that the Windows XP drivers work with Windows 7 operating system perfectly well. It has been tried by me on more than six computers without experiencing a single issue with the drivers. Meanwhile, there are no evidences if Asrock team have carried out any test or know about these drivers working with Windows 7 yet.

Step 6: After finishing with installation of the drivers, restart the system to continue to do other things.

NB: While installing the Audio driver it might try to display some error message, that is due to the fact that you are installing more than one program at the same time. To forestall such error message simply stop the other installation and finish with it first before going about the other one .