Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hp Pavilion Dv6000 Black Screen, 3 Beeps Error Message

Your Hp pavilion dv6000 was OK the previous day. In the next morning when you try to boot it you hear 3 beeps(1 long beep followed with 2 fast beeps) and the screen remained black without anything coming up. After attempting to put it on you succeded and the laptop comes alive.When you restart it again the problem returns back with the black screen.You search the internet for solutions yet non could help and you even visited the Hp help website yet with no solution. 

You have tried all the techniques offered you by websites, from removing your battery and power cord and press the power button to reset the hp to flashing the BIOS yet nothing happened. You even went as far trying to change the RAM and open up the system if you can find anything out of place. If that is what you are going through ith your Hp pavilion dv6000 laptop there is a quick solution without bitter grumbling.

Step 1: Put off your Hp pavilion dv6000 for like 10 minutes. Then put it on and 3 beeps will sound.

Step 2:After another 10 minutes put off the Hp pavilion dv6000 and put it on again. Then you will seen the LED (light emitting diode) for the driver remained constant, wait for sometime the screen will come up.

Step 3: If the screen doesn't come up you will have to repeat STEP II untill the screen comes up. Note one thing, it will come up as long as you have the patient enough to do this.

Step 4: After you are able to boot up, go to Start-->Run-->type dxdiag-->on the item Display check all the lists are fully well entered. If you look closely you might see on the "driver" list the DDI version and mini VDD are not assigned anything. This tell you the problem with the screen.

Step 5: Go to your Hp website or the Video Graphic Apdater manufacture site and download the driver. First and foremost, don't forget to download the chipset (please, it is very important to restart the system after Chipset) and install it before installing the Video Graphic Adapter driver.

Step 6: You can download both the nVidia chipset and graphic driver for Vista(the Vista softwares also work well for windows 7 users) from the internet:

1 . nVidia nforce chipset download at

Step 7: After installing restart your laptop and it will work just fine.

***Now you can relax your mind about worrying that there is no solution, even after sending your laptop to the consumer care center with no solution.***