Saturday, January 23, 2010

HDD Camera MOD Format file Can't Play On My PC and Home Player

You've just bought a HDD camera for your school projects. After your first record you find out that you cannot play it on your Windows Media Player(WMD) or other media players you have on your computer. Then you try to converte the *.mod file(s) to other formats which you can play on your every day media player to your very surprise not so much to your satisfaction - the video image is not as good as it is in the *.mod format. This issue is easily solved by resorting to simple command in your system and use any dvd burner to burn it to a dvd plate.

Step 1: Upload the files from your HDD camera to your computer.

Step 2: Put the files into a folder or a drive you can locate easily from the DOS prompt.

Step 3: Go to Start --> Run-->type Cmd or command -->click OK.

Step 4: At the dot prompt or DOS prompt simply change directory to the folder or drive where you put your mod format files.

Step 5: In the folder use the rename command to change the format from mod to mpeg -- type rename *.mod *.mpeg. Instantly your mod format files will be change to mpeg video format. The mod and mpeg formats are almost of thesame encodes.

Step 6: Go back to your desktop and play the files with your WMD player or other players that are compactible(with the right codec or plugin for mpegs) and it will work just fine.

Step 7: While try to burn it to a dvd, you will experience problem of non of the file is compactible or not found in your burner. The burner can be Nero,Roxio,Dvd converter,etc.

Step 8: You can use nero vision 4 or other to encode and burn the files to a dvd for your everyday players.

NOTE: While using the nero vision 4 to encode and burn the file to a dvd make sure you re-arrange your files properly because there can be changes in files during time of upload.