Monday, January 11, 2010

My Computer Has A Half-blanked Screen In Windows Operating Systems

When booted up the desktop half part of the screen has gotten white and kind of blank. Icons are all highlighted (the highlights are locked to the screen yet they are working normal). The first thought that came is the personalize settings of  the system has been changed, but to the obvious surprise making any change has no effect on the blank screen. The next thing that comes to your mind is virus has probably infest the  computer. As one run Anti-virus only to find out there is no any virus present.

Image of half-black screen in Windows XP

If that is the case with your computer there is a quick way in finding solution to it. Just follow the instructions step by step which follow below.

Image of Windows 8 blanked half screen.

Step 1: Go to your system Safe mode by restarting your computer, press F8 at the booting point and choose Safe mode from the Windows items.Wait for the system to boot fully and you Safe-mode screen will come up.

Step 2:  If the blanked half screen did not appear in the Safe mode know fully well that it is the programs you installed which caused the problem.

Step 3: Download ccleaner from their website and clean your registry with it every time you perform uninstall action.

Step 4: Go to you control panel and uninstall every updates and software that were recently installed in your system. "During the processes of uninstalling those updates and software the computer might ask you that other important programs will not function well, just ignore it and click YES. You are going to get such message from time of uninstalling NET.frames and windows update".

Step 5: Go to your computer manufacturer website and download the drivers for your computer Chipset and the one for the video adapter.

Step 6: Run your drivers, first run the Chipset and then the video driver which you downloaded from your computer manufacturer website.

Step 7: Restart your computer and the half blank screen will still be there. What you will do is move you mouse cursor to the edge of the white blank screen and you will see it change to arrow pointing to opposite side, drag to move it a bit to reduce the blank screen. After that move the cursor to the very top end of your right hand side of the PC and click X to close the blank screen. Restart your computer again and run ccleaner to clean your registry.

Step 8: You can re-install the important software that were uninstall during the process of finding solution to the blank screen issue.