Friday, December 25, 2009

My Computer Freezes Most Times

You boot your system quite well and work for quite a time. At a point the mouse remains freezed.You wonder what must have gone wrong somewhere, questions that come to you are your system has gone bad or has a virus attacked. When you boot up again you are able to do your job as before without any hitch not until some few hours later or thereabout the mouse freezes again. Upon taken to Google for information on what are the causes of such repeated freeze or occurrence to your surprise you are not able to find a conveniently fast solution . If you are having such problem there is a quick solution here for you. Just following these steps which follow quickly.

Step 1: Don't waste your time downloading any registry software. It might make use of your system memory.

Step 2: Have your screw-driver at hand or make sure you are familiar with the way to open up your system casing.

Step 3: Put off your system from the main. Make sure the power cord is removed from the wall sucket.

Step 4: Open up your system casing and look for the RAM(Random Access Memory),Your system reads,accesses and processes data there quickly.In the slots remove the RAM card(s) and clean the golden contacts with eraser and put them back.Try also to check if one of the slots has gone bad.This can be a good culprit and it is of good consequence.

Step 5: Replace your system cover back and put on your system. I promise you it will not freeze again.

Step 6: If you are still experiencing such occurrence it means one of the slot has gone bad. Chek the one with the bad RAM card and remove it using the one that is OK.