Thursday, December 17, 2009

Error Number: 0x80070070 And 0x80072EE2 Problems In Windows Update

Your system Windows Update directs you to install update from Microsoft Windows update site to do the installation. Along the the line you encounter error messages displayed in numbers, numbers which are a little bit strange to you. The errors with the strange numbers are related. If that is the case with your system you needn't look further:

(a) For Error number: 0x80070070

Step 1: If you have installed the active X before the error message  all you need do is use a registry cleaner like the ccleaner to clean up your system and make sure you clear your cache also. To get a ccleaner go to to download it

Step 2: To clear you cache go to you Tools on your Internet explorer click on Internet Options--> Browsing History-->Delete-->Delete all history.

Step 3: Defrag you system by going to My Computer-->Property(right-click on My Computerto get there) You can avoid STEP III if only you can install the updates after cleaning off the browsing history.

Step 4: Repeat Windows update by clicking on Start and move up the taskbar and the Windows Update will be among the files there or  go to Control Panel.Click Windows Update which will be directed to Microsoft update site where you can  install the Windows Update. It will work.

"You may encounter another error message of
error number: 0x80072EE2"

(b ) For error number: 0x80072EE2

Step 1: Go to you Proxy/firewall settings to do some adjustment and allow Windows Update.

Step 2: Click Start-->Control Panel-->Windows Firewal-->Put off the firewall to install the Windows Update and after that you will have to return it back to its previoussetting. If you are still getting the error message then follow STEP III in the For Error number: 0x80070070 .

Step 3: Go to Start -->Internet Explorer-->Tools --> Internet Options. Click the Security tab--> Trusted sites. Click the Sites and Clear or untick the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box. Add the following websites: http://*, https://*, and Click OK.