Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parkard Bell EasyNote Mx36 Laptop Drivers For Windows XP

Parkard Bell Easynote MX36 is mainly designed for Windows Vista system use. In the case of converting or downgrading it to Windows XP operating system use one is likely to encounter driver issues, ranging from the webcam to the Audio device driver.  Encountering devices problem after trying to fix them can be time consuming and only the patient end up succeeding with a full functioning downgraded Parkard Bell Easynote MX36 system. In end it is as a result of a step-by-step instructions.

                               Image of Parkard Bell EasyNote Mx36 Laptop

Step 1: Have at your disposal your Windows Xp installation CD should in case of encountring Windows file missing problem. Then you can quickly forestall it with the installation CD. It is also possible to copy such missing file(s) from any system with the same Windows version to the one in question.

Step 2:  Download drivers . Run the program which will automatically help you to restore back most missing drivers but it will likely encounter webcam device driver and Audio problem in most cases.

Step 3: If the integrated webcam driver(USB2.0) is the problem then you can download it from Parkard Bell site (it is virus free).Extract it to your system Programs folder and run the 2KSETUP(with added information of ASUS Windows 200/Xp driver setup...) - it is the setup program for installation. 

Step 4: Along the line it will request for the a missing file  or rare cases), which ever one it is located among the extracted files. Locate it in the folder and add it to the installation wizard, click next and follow instruction till the end. After that the system will ask you to click OK to restart your system.

Step 5: The Audio is another common issue with the system and can be downloade from EasyNote mx36 laptop

Step 6: It can also be downloaded from realtek  by downloading Realtek HD Audio for Windows XP.

Step 8:Install it and whenever the system ask for c:/WINDOWS/Programs/system32/i386 file, simply insert you installation CD and the click next.Automatically, the program will be detected by the system and  be installed immediately. Before the system ask you to restart it will install the necessary programs which will be displayed on your taskbar(the bar down of your screen) with information on what are being installed. Click OK to restart the system at the end.

Step 9: If you are encountering other driver problem(s) simply repeat step 2.