Saturday, July 25, 2009

Windows XP On Dell Studio 1735 Laptop Problems And Solutions

Dell studio 1735 laptop computer is mainly fabricated for use with Windows Vista yet it is possible to remove vista and install Windows Xp if you so wished. The change from Windows Vista to Xp will encounter some problems ranging from Audio to bluetooth. There are difficulty in collating the normal drivers online as the Dell online website doesn't make provision for Dell studio XP drivers. However, there are little chances that you will find them online so easily. If you are so much interested in changing from Windows Vista to XP on your Dell Studio 1735 laptop these steps will guide you to through a sucessful installation with good working conditions.Before you go about any of the troubleshootings make sure many softwares that are not windows related are uninstall which you can install back after perfect working condition of your system. It would be advisable to do the troubleshooting first before installing any other useful softwares on the system.

(a) Doing New Installation With CD Problem.

Step 1: Have your Windows XP installation disk ready.

Step 2: Insert you installation disk into the CD rom of your laptop and run it. Follow instruction till end.

(b)  Dell Studio 1753 Audio Driver For Windows XP

Step 1: After installation there is possible chance the Audio is not working. You have tried all you know yet with no solution. On google you couldn't find a perfect driver for your Windows XP Dell studio 1735 Audio.

Step 2: Download the Audio driver from Dell Official Website and install it.

Step 3: After installing the IDT Audio driver, which might give error saying the driver you are trying to install is not compatible with the system. Just ignore it, at this point the system will restart and try to continue with the installation.Let it finish the installation for the error prompt message to disappear.

Step 4: Next thing is to go to My Computer, right-click on it --> manage click on Disk management and look for unknown device click on and click on update. Then click on 'Do you want to install this device from a specific location' and click Next and do the same thing on 'Do not search'.Under 'I have a driver installation choice ' click Next. Look for 'Audio Video and game driver's' and click Next. Search for IDT on the list and click on it. The system will open a command window to run the program. Let it finish running it and if it finds any error the system will automatically restart.

Step 5: The system will install the audio after restarting. and your Audio icon will appear soon on the system tray.

(c)   Dell Studio 1735 Bluetooth Driver For Windows XP

Step 1: Try to Google on   P186113.exe download the file and install it.

Step 2: To switch on your Bluetooth  simultaneously press fn+f2 and it will be detected instantly.

(d)  Dell Studio 1735 Wireless WLAN Driver  For Windows XP

Step 1: Download driver from Dell Official Website and install it.

(e) Dell Studio 1735 Webcam Driver For Windows XP

Step 1: That is not usually an issue. If you encounter the problem try and go to you My Computer --> Manage-->Disk Management and click on webcam driver -->update driver--> the windows wizard will install it.If not you can Google to get the driver.

(f) Dell Studio 1735 Ethernet Driver For Windows XP

Step 1: Google on R180977.EXE , download  and  install it.

(g) Dell Studio 1735 Chipset Driver For Windows XP

Step 1: Simply download it from google the file is intel(r)chipset 956M and install it.

NB: Other necessary drivers can be downloaded through google if found missing.