Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Files Copy Problem During Windows XP Installation

If you know very well the Windows Xp installation CD  you are using is in good condition, there's no traces of crack nor stains of any kind you can proceed with the proffer steps below. You have carried out several installations with the CD before without any hitch or disturbance in the past. Now that you are trying to do a windows XP installation for your system (possibly your old PC) at the point of copying files into folders the windows installation pops up  prompting several warning messages on screen, telling you to take one of the processes for a solution or exit. At this point pressing the ENTER key return back the same warning message and  to bypass it by pressing ESC would be of Windows not installing appropriate for your Operating system to work seamlessly. This is a problem that can be traced to a bad  CD ROM. Nevertheless, it can also be caused by other factors like cyclical redundancy(the CD keep rotating in a particular state), defaced CD,etc. To find quick solution do the following:

Step 1: Don't waste time to repeat the installation at this point in time.

Step 2: Open the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of your system .(recommended for somebody who is familiar with computer hardware).

Step 3: Try to change the position of your SATA(Signal cable coming in from the CD rom) on the PCI.

Step 4: Change the position of your RAM(Random Acess Memory). If you have utilized the whole slots(either two or three) still, it is better to swap them all.

Step 5: Put back the casing or cover up your CPU and turn it on. Try to run the Windows XP installation CD. If while running the installation and you are still experiencing thesame problem then you have to change you CD for a good one or change the CD/DVD ROM altogether to proceed. 

NOTE: It's been said there are few simple things you can try after the installation is still giving the same problem. Like cleaning the CD with CD cleaner or cleaning solution. The replace of the CD with new Windows XP installation disk is highly recommended ( perhaps of different version).