Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My PC Stopped Without Error Messages

Upon switch on your computer system at given point when you are trying to do something it switches off. As you put it on again hoping the problem is from the power switch or you have mistakenly touched something that put it off and to your surprise it switches off again. Now you are wondering about something unusual must have gone wrong somewhere in the system when you know it has worked efficiently the previous day. If that is the case with your system there's a way out. Most especially, whenever you put it on and you didn't hear any beep for whatsoever  reason.Please,  follow these steps below.

Step 1: Remove or unplug your electric cord from the socket power source or the power supply.

Step 2: Have your screw drivers ready. Bring out your CPU(Central Processing Unit) which is the main control unit of your system.

Step 3: Unscrew the nuts or follow the instruction on your manual on how to open your system CPU if it the type that doesn't have screws to open it.

Step 4: Don't do anything stupid inside without knowing what it's used for. Do not touch anything you don't have any idea of nor shake the system forcefully - for the sake of your hard drive.

Step 5: Look closely for the hard disk which is usually link by two cables leading(one for the power supply and the other for signals). The signal cable is much larger that the power supply cable. Unplug the power cable connector and check inside if there is any of the four connectors with problem(maybe it not firmed or out of position) at the point connection of the cable - that is the last tip.It may probably be it is not supply power efficiently.

Step 6: If there's anything wrong with any of the power connector's pins,perhaps not firmed or simply not supplying current efficiently  have it changed or try other free one, that's usually present. The cables are numbered. It is advisable to take the one next to the faulty connector and plug it into the Hard Disk(HDD) power point.

Step 7: Close the CPU and plug the power cable into the system. Put on it on and wait for pc to boot properly. If the it continues to switch off then move back to STEP VIII and repeat the instruction.

Step 8: At STEP III check the power switch (the button use to put on you PC) if it's gone bad. If it does you would have to replace it with a new one.

NB: The problem is power connector or faulty switch related one. So, don't hesitate to follow the steps above accordingly to rectify the problem.