Friday, August 14, 2009

Cannot Display This Video Mode

You don't know what happened to your system monitor and it remained blank. When you put it on it often displays Cannot Display This Vidoe Mode immediately after the booting screen. The consequences of not being able to display information beyond that place left you wondering what must have happened to your system. Then you restart the system to know if the system can refresh itself yet it remains in that same state. The different thoughts that came to you were, is it just the newly installation I did or it something I uninstalled from the system a while ago the cause of it? There are different things that could lead to the system having this kind of issues cropping up in your system. One of them is that the graphic driver for your system is no longer available or just that virus attacked it or could be from other causes. Mainly, it is a device driver problem. If you are experiencing this kind of problem there are evidences that you can find solution quickly by following these steps:

Step 1: Put on your system and depress F8 to go to the Safe Mode.

Step 2: At Safe Mode (with inscriptions at the top and bottom of the screen along with safe mode written in text ) rightclick on My Computer--> Manage--> Device Manager--> Monitor(click on the + sign) right click on the device you see there and uninstall it.

Step 3: Restart the system to continue to work in the general Windows mode.

Step 4: If you still find the problem unresolved to get to the Desktop, then repeat STEP I .

Step 5: Goto Start--> Run--> type in dxdiag and depress ENTER key. then move on to  Dislpay 1 and click it . On the right-hand side of it, the Device will be empty, if the driver is not installed and to  the right-hand side of it, the Driver will be displayed. That's a proof the device is missing not until it is installed, the device driver that is compatible with your system, it will keep on repeating the same problem.

Step 6: Download Unknown Device Identifier from here  and run it to identify your graphic controller. If you are not willing to download any thing, right-click on My Computer and select Manage. At the Computer Management click on  Device Manager and select Display Adapter, from the small rightward pointing arrow clicked  right-click on the adapter and select property. Under Detail click on drop-down menu beneath Property and select Hardware Id - copy it and Google on it to download the appropriate driver.

Step 7: Visit the official manufacturer website of your device to download the driver. *Usually, intel is by far the largest provider of video graphic drivers*.

Step 8: Install it and restart you computer in the normal mode. At this point the system monitor will come up perfectly well.

Note: If you have installed the right device driver and your monitor is still given you the same problem it would be right to take it to your customer care center for technical repair.Cannot Display This Video Mode is usually a graphic device driver problem.