Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How To Change The Name Microsoft Product Is Licensed To(Registered Owner) In Windows 10

You are probably having difficulty in changing the name Microsoft licensed the Windows 10 to displayed on Windows version dialog.  To make sure everything about your system is in order  you would want it to be easily recognized by you as the owner without digging deep. It can serve as evidence to the rightful person Microsoft registered the product to in a nutshell. To open your Windows version simply press Windows Key + R and type Winver into the 'Run' bar and click on 'OK'.

Image of Windows Version showing registered owner's name below 

In some versions of Windows 10 it's been replaced with 'Windows User' rather than the name you would like it to be. This same name has evolved through different releases, from the Microsoft account(MSA) you used to register your system to the name you chose to log in with or the one inputted by default(Windows User), which is the particular one in question.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to change it to match the name you would want it to be this piece of information is meant for you. kindly follow the step-by-step instruction below.  

Image showing Windows Key + R in red

STEP 1: Press Window Key + R to open ' Run' dialog.

Red arrows indicating process

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste   Regedit   into 'Run' and click 'OK'. Hit 'Yes' button at the user account control(UAC) to continue.

Image of red arrow pointing to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

STEP 3: At registry editor double-click on 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' to expand it.

Red arrows pointing to process

STEP 4: Double-click on 'SOFTWARE' and  'Microsoft' respectively to expand them.

Image of red arrows showing process

STEP 5: Next double--click on 'Windows NT' and 'CurrentVersion' to expand then respectively.

Process indicated in red arrows

STEP 6: To the right-hand side of the registry editor Right click on 'RegisteredOwner' and select 'Modify' from the drop-down menu to continue.

Red arrows pointing to process

STEP 7: At the 'Edit String' dialog change the 'Value data' to any name of your choice and click on 'OK'.

Image of red arrows pointing to process

STEP 8: Click on 'File' at the top left-hand corner of the registry editor and select 'Exit' to close it.