Saturday, September 26, 2015

How To Remove 'RelevantKnowledge(Dtool.exe)' Stubborn Files In Windows 10

The file is inimical to the security of your system. It is not a malicious software but an adware that interferes with your routine operation. It collects information for survey and it usually bypasses most security applications detection. There is rumor hackers have been known to use it to intrude into people's privacy and steal important information. 

Image showing RelevantKnowledge at Control Panel.

Dtool.exe from ReleventKnowledge is a market research tool that is different from the Dtool used as modeling application by some organizations to carry out their activities. If you didn't intentionally install it in your system, it is right you uninstall it and can be very difficult to delete.

During the time of having it in your system it will silently embed itself in different parts of your folders, registry, browser extension and among the startup processes applications executed at the background of your Windows 10 operating system.

If you have been trying to remove RelevantKnowledge(Dtool.exe) and you are finding it very difficult this simple guide will be useful to you.

Note: If you are interested in having more information about it you can visit the creator official FAQ page

Image showing Windows key +R

STEP 1: Press Windows Key + R to open 'Run' dialog.

Image showing Run dialog

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste  control appwiz.cpl  into 'Run' and click on 'OK' to continue.

Red arrows indicating process

STEP 3: Click on the RelevantKnowledge file at the Programs and Feature of your 'Control Panel' and click on 'Uninstall' above. Follow onscreen instruction to uninstall it. It is not going to go away from the 'Control Panel'.

Image showing red circles pointing to Ctrl +Shift + Esc keys 

STEP 4: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open 'Task Manager'.

Red arrows pointing to process

STEP 5: Under the 'Processes' look for 'Dtool.exe(32 bit) and click on it. Next click on 'End Task' below the 'Task Manager' to remove it from there.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Program files(x86)

STEP 6: Click on your local disk(C:) and click on Program Files(x86).

Red arrows indicating process

STEP 7: Locate 'RelevantKnowledge' Folder and right-click on it and select ''Delete' to remove it.

Image showing of red arrows pointing to process

STEP 8: Press Windows key + R to open 'Run' and type or copy and paste   C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local   into it and click 'OK' to continue.

Red arrows indicating process

STEP 9: Locate RelevantKnowledge folder and right-click on it and select 'Delete' to remove it.

Image of red arrows showing how to empty your recycle bin

STEP 10: Go to your 'Recycle Bin'. Right-click on it and select 'Empty recycle bin' to empty it.

Image showing Malwarebytes tool

STEP 11: Download Malwarebytes  and install it and use it to scan you system. Remove all the malicious software detected.

Image showing red arrow pointing to how to remove extension in Google Chrome.

STEP 12: Go to your browsers Settings and remove all the 'RelevantKnowledge' extensions.