Friday, June 6, 2014

InstallRootEnumeratorDrive Error in Windows 8.1

To install a third party software in your Windows 8.1 without success is caused by many things. It could be the program is not compatible with your system or it's from non-trusted publisher. If a dialog box comes up when you try to do installation of a program with the message, InstallRootEnumeratorDrive dialog and the system requirements are in line with your specification, there is need to look further. 

Image showing InstallRooEnumeratorDriver dialog

Windows 8.1 by default would not allow you to install  unsigned package without doing a verified signature to make sure it is safe for installation on your operating system. This is the major cause for the aforesaid error message.

However, to go about doing that when you are wondering what the consequences of allowing unsigned driver into your system this step-by-step information is meant for you.

Before you begin you might want to write down this step-by-step instruction on a paper as you are going to sign out of your Windows desktop environment.

Image showing arrow pointing to Settings at Windows charm

STEP 1: Move your cursor to the extreme right-hand side of your system to call up 'Windows charm' and click on 'Settings'.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Change PC settings

STEP 2:  Click on 'Change PC settings' to continue.

A white arrow pointing to Update and recovery

STEP 3:  Next click on 'Update and recovery' .

Image showing white arrow pointing to Recovery

STEP 4:  At 'Update and recovery' window click 'Recovery'.

Image showing red arrow pointing Restart now tab

STEP 5:  On the right-hand side of your screen under 'Advanced startup' click 'Restart now' tab to continue.

Red arrow pointing to Restart at Windows Startup Settings

STEP 6:  At the 'Windows Startup Settings' click 'Restart' to continue.

Image of red arrow pointing to option number 7

STEP 7:  On the next step quickly depress number 7 key for option number 7 ('Disable driver signature enforcement') on the list to continue.

Red arrow pointing to Startup Setting, Change Windows startup behaviour

STEP 8:  At 'Advance startup' click on 'Startup Settings, change Windows startup behaviour' to  boot to your Windows environment.

Red arrow pointing to process

STEP 9:  Double-click on  the  software that gives the error message and click on 'Install this driver software anyway'.