Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Do Windows 8 or 8.1 System Repair With DVD or USB

If you are having trouble with your system lately and there is no alternative to finding immediate solution in Windows 8.1 you have to make the choice of repairing it. The repair of your Windows operating system is without doubt the best possible means of getting your computer to function properly. It comes in the form of using your original DVD Windows installation package or the USB.

Image showing Windows 8.1 PC settings

To start off there are processes to take in Windows 8.1 for the aforementioned process to be possible. It is what really makes it to be different from other Windows version repair procedures. Taking to desktop rudimentary approach before restarting the system with your DVD or USB installation devices is necessary else you have to go into the BIOS(Basic Input and Output System) to make the optical drive or the USB port the first boot priority.

Having a problem you couldn't solve through system restore because you don't have a restore point or simply your operating system has totally crashed sometime can be discouraging. If you want to do a complete refresh that is when you need this process the most.

Image displaying Windows 8.1 'charm'

STEP 1:  Move your cursor to the extreme right-hand corner of your screen to open Windows 'charm'. Click on 'Settings' to continue.

Image showing red arrow pointing to 'Change PC settings'

STEP 2: Next click on 'Change PC settings' to continue.

white arrow pointing to 'Update and recovery'

STEP 3:  At the 'PC settings' click on 'Update and recovery'.

Red arrow pointing to 'Restart now' tab 

STEP 4: On the next window click on 'Recovery' and click 'Restart now' under 'Advanced Startup'. Wait for Windows to restart.

Image showing Troubleshoot

STEP 5: At 'choose an option' click on 'Troubleshoot' to continue to the next window.

Image showing Advanced startup 

STEP 6: Next, click on 'Advanced startup' under the 'Troubleshoot'.

Red arrow pointing Automatic repair

STEP 7: Select 'Automatic repair' from the options at the 'Advanced options' screen.

Image of Windows 8 installation DVD

STEP 8: Insert your Windows 8 DVD installation disc or USB into appropriate drives and wait for the system to do the repair.