Monday, July 21, 2014

WiFi Not Working And Tab In Grey After Windows 8.1 Installation

The release of Windows 8.1 that precedes the Windows 8 comes with some added features.  It received lots of important updates since it's first introduced, including the major update 1 for missing features in the predecessor. They are the power button and Search bar at the Metro screen and chance to boot directly to the desktop environment as a choice(this option can be controlled at the Taskbar and Navigation Properties). There is also the most noticeable feature of being able to pin Start-up Metro applications onto your desktop Taskbar. Above all there is the return of the Start button. The Start button this time is different  from its former function. It is now  a place for applications, programs, links and other Windows utilities.    

Image showing Windows 8.1 Start screen

When you have successfully installed Windows 8.1 on your system with all interest and the metro features are in order without having critical error there is need to feel nothing is left to be addressed. While connecting to the internet becomes a problem, the WiFi tab is in grey meaning it is the culprit. It is to the left-hand corner of the screen at the Charm bar, which means the WiFi adapter is disabled requiring manual effort.

An arrow pointing to grey Wi-Fi slider

If you are having this problem in Windows 8.1 and have tried all possible means without any result this information is meant for you.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Manage

STEP 1: Right-click on 'My PC' and select 'Manage' to continue.

Image of Device management with arrows pointing to the process

STEP 2:  Click 'Device manager', next click on the small arrow close to 'Network adapter' and check if wireless adapter is enabled on the list.

Image showing example of a system maker's website

STEP 3: If not download the right wireless driver from your system maker's website.

Image showing keys combination to enable wireless in Acer Aspire S7

STEP 4: Combine the FN + X key(X stands for any key for your WiFi) or press right button to enable WiFi.

Image showing Acer Aspire S7 BIOS downloads page

STEP 5:  Download the right driver for your BIOS and install it and revert to default.On how to upgrade your BIOS visit this LINK .

If you are still facing the same problem after the above instruction visit this LINK