Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To Fix Microsoft Security Client Error Code 0x80070002 In Windows 8 Or Windows 8.1

The problem with your Microsoft security package inability to communicate with the server to update the security client keeps popping up each time you click on the Update button. This prevents you from running your updated system Windows Defender(WD) to scan your system with the latest patches all rather updates. It can make the entire operating system to be vulnerable to malicious software without the cumulative security provided updates not sorted out. This is one of the reasons to keep your Windows Defender up-to-date. There is need to forestall the problem so that you can fix the security breaches, if there is any at that point in time.

Image showing Microsoft Security Client Error code 0x80070002

The fact the error could be triggered by the presence of virus or malware is a proof there is a reason to fix this error problem and scan your system fully. There are times where there are residual of Trojans embedded in different parts of the Operating System (OS) directories without the Windows Defender having access to it that is when you have to quickly make use of a third-party malware removal tool. Malwarebytes is very effective in this regard. It is even recommended in some cases by Microsoft to be equally effective used along side the Windows Defender. It is good to know that running more than one Anti-virus software in a system can be inimical to the functionality of it. It could even compromise the full operation of the system in some instances. So don't ever install more than one Anti-virus in your system.

If you are having the Microsoft Security Client error code 0x80070002 in your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1  and don't know what to do this quick step-by-step information is meant for you.

Image showing trusted site to download Malwarebytes

STEP 1: Download Malwarebytes from this LINK. Install, run and scan your system with it and remove any detected malicious software.

Image showing red indication of Windows + R key

STEP 2:  Press Windows + R key simultaneously to open 'Run'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to processes

STEP 3: Type or copy and paste   services.msc   into the 'Run' search space or bar and click 'OK' to continue.

Image showing Services dialog

STEP 4: Look for 'Windows Update' and right-click on it and select 'Properties'. 

Image showing red arrows pointing to processes at Windows Update Properties dialog

STEP 5: At the 'Windows Update properties(Local Computer)' tab click 'General' tab and change 'Startup type' to 'Automatic (Delayed start)'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to what to do

STEP 6:  Click  'Start' button beneath 'Service status'. Next, click Apply' and 'OK' buttons to close the dialog.

Image showing red arrows pointing to procedure

STEP 7: Move your cursor to top-right corner of the 'Services' dialog, click 'File' and 'Exit' to close it.

Image showing Windows Search

STEP 8: Drag your cursor to extreme right-hand corner and click Windows 'Search'. Type 'Windows Defender' into the search bar and click 'Windows Defender' beneath it to open Windows Defender.

Image showing Windows Defender searching fro Updates

STEP 9: Click 'Update' under 'Update tab' to download the update.

If you are still experiencing the same problem after following the steps above you can visit the Microsoft Page. Download and run Fixit to fix the problem.