Thursday, March 13, 2014

How To Remove Check Boxes Close To Desktop Icons In Windows 8 Or In Windows 8.1

At your desktop all the icons have small box close to each one of them when clicked or hovered around. It is like a superscript in relation to your icons size. Single click on any of them tends to highlight it, double-click on it often get it checked and this make your desktop experience a little tedious unlike your previous one when there was nothing like that on your desktop.

Image showing icon having check box[Acrobat Reader 9 Pro extended]

If you have difficulty with your icons while trying to make use of any of them, each time you hover or move around any of them a little box appears to the left-hand side top corner of the icon  and clicking on it checks the box this instruction is meant for you.

To remove them you will have to follow this step-by-step instruction below.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Settings

STEP 1: Move your cursor to the extreme right-hand corner of your screen and  click on 'Settings'.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Control Panel

STEP 2: At 'Settings' click 'Control Panel'  to continue.

Image showing Appearance and Personalization at Control Panel 

STEP 3: Next click 'Appearance and Personalization' to move to the other step.

Image showing Folder Options

STEP 4: Locate 'Folder Options' and click on it to continue.

Image showing  red arrow pointing to View tab at Folder Options dialog

STEP 5: At the 'Folder Options' dialog click on 'View' tab.

Image showing red arrow pointing to cleared box close 'Use check boxes to select items'

STEP 6:  Scroll down a bit to locate 'Use check boxes to select items' and clear the box besides it.

Image showing red arrows pointing to process to take

STEP 7: Finally, click 'Apply' and next click 'OK' to close the 'Folder and Options' dialog.