Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Windows Security Center Service Can't Be Started In Windows 8

This is a security issue that requires you to take action for the Windows defender to work properly and to forestall the error of 'The Windows Security Center service can't be started' from popping up. The causative effect of recent attacks have something to do with it. 

Image showing the Windows Security Center error

Although, if after you have been alerted by your security tool to remove detected malicious software from your system, both those quarantined and those needing immediate action for removal before this problem came up it means the attacks are responsible for triggering off  the Windows Security Center from automatic to disabled.

There is always a sign of it  at the Action Center to take action with pop-up dialog telling you the same problem in a loop. When Windows defender is updated it gets to point out the need to take some actions before it can function properly.

If you are experiencing this problem after a malicious software attacks this instruction will be of good use to you. To do that follow the step-by-step information below.

Before doing anything make sure you have remove all malicious software from your system.To do that visit this LINK

Image Windows+ R key 

STEP 1:  Press the Windows+ R key to open 'Run'

Image show arrows pointing to processes at Run dialog

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste  Services.msc  into 'Run' and click 'OK' .

Image of Services window

STEP 3: Scroll down to 'Security Center' and right click on it and select 'Properties'.

Image showing arrows pointing to actions to take

STEP 4:  At the 'Security Center Properties(Local Computer) 'dialog  click 'General' tab and select 'Automatic(Delayed Start)' besides 'Startup type:' .

Image showing Log On tab and arrow pointing to Browse button

STEP 5: Next click on 'Log On' tab, choose 'This account' (if not already selected) and click the 'Browse' button to continue.

Image show red arrow pointing to Advanced button

STEP 6: At 'Select User' dialog click 'Advance' button and click on  'Find Now'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to what to do

STEP 7: Select the item on the list with Administrator under 'name'  and click 'OK'.

Image of red arrow pointing to OK at Select User dialog

STEP 8: Next click 'OK' at the 'Select User' dialog to continue.

Image showing arrows pointing to processes

STEP 9: Enter your Administrator's password on the space provided by Microsoft and confirm  your password by retyping it again into the next space and click 'OK'.

If you are still experiencing the same problem after this help, please,visit Microsoft Official Support Website to download Fixit. Run it and use it to automatically fix the issue.