Sunday, December 29, 2013

Toshiba CapsLock Refuses To Function Normal

The issue with keyboard can vary. Also can be very disturbing when it fails to function properly. It is usually caused by different things, ranging from short-circuit to hardware errors. 

Image of a Toshiba Laptop

In Toshiba  Capslock key failing to turn off or on makes it difficult for you to log-on with your password into your desktop environment properly, most especially, when you have upper and lower case letters among them. This can prevent you from using the upper-case or lower-case letters during typing of your password. Not only does it prevent you from doing that it won't allow you to get the right symbols in most cases at the desktop environment.

If you are having problem with your Toshiba Capslock key turning on while your system is booting and it remained on at the desktop when you try to turn it off  this information is meant for you. To do that kindly follow the step-by-step information below.

Image showing a Toshiba laptop power button

STEP 1: Get ready and put off your system by holding down the power button till it turns off.

Image showing how to gently remove a Key from a keyboard

STEP 2: Carefully raise the top end of the Capslock key until it continues to pull. Watch keenly not to break the key hinges that holds the key to the key retainers.

Image showing Key metal pin/bar

STEP 3: Remove the metal  pin underneath the Capslock key. It  doesn't have much function for the Capslock as with the Enter key in Toshiba.

Image showing how to assemble a Key in a computer Keyboard

STEP 4: Put the Capslock key back gently without the metal pin and press it carefully until it fits into place.

Image showing how to press the button to start a computer system

STEP 5: Start your system by pressing the power button.

**If this information didn't help in solving your problem it is time to get ready to buy a new keyboard for your system.