Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hard Disk Get Full After Few Hours Of Operation In Windows Operating System Problem

If at every few hours of your computer use the hard disk drive (HDD) C is full and attempt to clean the registry with registry cleaner has yielded no solution than registry repairs you are facing multiple causes of the issue, ranging from malicious software attacks to script errors. 

Image showing a full hard disk in red

If the hard disk hasn't malfunctioned or can  communicate properly there is a program or set of programs  which trigger repetition of a particular process to execute the saving of unwanted files to temporary folders or to other parts  of  your hard disk. As it gets filled up to the brim any program installed will be rejected by your system and  it will ask to do a storage cleanup.

Doing various maintenance of the operating system is usually the easiest way out in finding solution to the menacing trouble of the system repeating the process by fulling up you hard drive after few hours use of your Windows operating system.  This has to cover a whole ways of looking into various areas of the Windows operating system to make sure everything is in order.

To do that follow this step-by-step information below for valuable help.

Image of Programs and Features of Control Panel

STEP 1: Uninstall all Toolbars from your system and all suspicious packages at your Programs and Features of the Control Panel.

Image of a malicious software removal tool

STEP 2: Run malicious software removal tool to make sure there are no harmful programs working at the background of your Windows operating system. On how to do  that visit this LINK

Image of official Ccleaner download site

STEP 3: Download Ccleaner from * HERE . Install it and use it  to clean your registry. 

Image of a trusted download site for Unlocker

STEP 4: Download  Unlocker  from * HERE. Install it.

Image showing Windows + R keys

STEP 5: Press Windows + R key to open 'Run' dialogue.

Image showing Run dialogue box with red arrow pointing to Ok

STEP 6: Type or copy and paste   %temp%    into the search space of  'Run'  box and click  'OK'  to continue.

Image showing how to delete temporary files and folders

STEP 7:  Delete all the files and folder in the temporary folder by hightligh all,  right-click on  them and select delete.

Image showing how to delete stubborn file with Unlocker

STEP 8: Skip stubborn files that don't want to be deleted. Right-click on them and select on Unlocker.

Image showing delete and OK at Unlocker dialogue box

STEP 9: At Unlocker dialogue box select 'Delete' and click delete all tab.

Image of a system restarting

STEP 10: Restart your system for changes to take effect.

Image showing the link to visit

STEP 11: If you are still experiencing the same problem in Windows 8, visit this * LINK .

* These are trusted sites - they are Piriform and Filehippo download sites and