Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'The Installed Battery May Not Be Properly Connected To Your Computer' Error In Windows 8

This warning message dialogue is a report about critical battery condition of your laptop. It can be that the battery is not seating well on the compartment or the battery bay is lose. It can also be that the battery is drained  to the level it cannot be restored back to its former state.  The battery driver provided by Sony Vaio to regulate the conditions of  your system power management  is responsible for this warning popping up intermittently thereby disturbing the work you have at hand while hibernating in some fraction of a minute.

Image showing warning dialogue of installed battery in Windows 8

This issue points to either the driver is incompatible with your system model, which requires it to be tested through compatibility mode, or it is not the right driver for Windows 8.

If you are having this trouble with your Sony Vaio system in Windows 8 there is need to remove the program and re-calibrate your  battery for better purpose. If it is a situation of having a dead battery it is necessary to replace it with a new one. To find solution to the menacing warning dialogue follow the instruction below.

Image of a keyboard with red arrows pointing different keys to use

STEP 1:  Press ALT+ CTRL+ DEL  simultaneously and click 'Task Manager' to open it.

Image of Task Manager  with red arrows pointing to what to do

STEP 2:  Highlight ISBMgr and click 'End task' .

Image showing computer local and programs folders

STEP 3: Click 'Computer' go to 'Local  Disk (c:)'  and click  'Program Files (x86)'

Image showing ISB Utility folder

STEP 4: Next click 'Sony' folder and  'ISB Utility'.

Image showing how to delete group of files

STEP 5:  Right-click all the files in the folder and select 'Delete' to delete them.

Image showing the link to visit

STEP 6: If there is any of the files that refuses to delete visit this LINK on how to delete stubborn files from your system.