Saturday, February 23, 2013

Internet Explorer Stops Working In Windows 8

This is a problem emanating from an attack on the Internet Explorer. The problem can come from Virus attack. It can be just an Adware you included lately, like VPN software that makes  use of Internet Explorer as default browser to connect to the software site or server.

Image of Internet Explorer stop working problem 

This can be frustration at time when you are trying to browse Internet Explorer and getting error messages. This is a situation where the browser keeps reopening with error messages without allowing you to get beyond that particular point. With messages as "your last browsing session closed unexpectedly" and  the "restore session" tab only to repeat the same process and come up with "Internet Explorer has stopped working" repeatedly.

If you are experiencing this problem there is a step-by-step instruction that will help you to have your Internet Explorer working  again.

Image of  Anti-virus-Malware Scanner(Windows Defender) in Windows 8

STEP 1:  Scan your system for Malware and Viruses. On how to remove malicious software from your system visit this LINK. 

Image of Programs Uninstall in Windows 8

STEP 2:  Uninstall any VPN or add-on you installed on your system lately  that is using Internet Explorer browser to connect to server for authentication .

Image of Ccleaner

STEP 3:  Download and run Ccleaner to clean your registry.

Image showing how to get Internet Explorer Properties In Windows 8

 STEP 4: Right-click Internet Explorer icon on your Desktop and select 'Properties'.

Image of Internet Properties in Windows 8

STEP 5:  Select the 'Advanced' tab and click 'Restore advanced settings' and then move on to click 'Reset'.

Image of Reset Internet Explorer Settings in Windows 8

STEP 6: Check 'Delete personal settings' and 'Reset' to continue.

Image of completing Internet Explorer reset in Windows 8

STEP 7: Wait for Windows to reset everything and click 'Close' after completing the reset.

Image showing how to fix problem with troubleshooting in Windows 8

STEP 8:  Click the 'Action Center'. It is by your extreme right-hand side of your system tray(close to the time ) and select 'Open Action Center'. Click 'Troubleshooting ' and 'Fix problems with Windows update'.

Image of troubleshooting with Windows Update in Windows 8

STEP 9:  Click next to continue with fix at 'Windows Update' dialogue.

Image of troubleshooting as an administrator in Windows 8

STEP 10:  Select and left-click on 'Try troubleshooting as an administrator' to continue.

Image of Windows resolving problems in Windows 8

STEP 11:  Wait for Windows to fix problems.

Image showing issues fix in Windows 8

STEP 12:  On the next process at 'Windows Update' dialogue  at  'Troubleshooting has complete' click 'Close' .

STEP 13:  Restart your system for changes to take effect.

STEP 14:  If you are still experiencing the same problem  after restarting your system visit this LINK.

STEP 15: If you don't have system restore in your system visit this LINK