Friday, January 25, 2013

The Server's Security Certificate Is Not Yet Valid In Google Chrome

The SSL is one of the best ways to secure information  over the internet.There are different Secured Socket Layout (SSL) certificate errors.  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPS) you see in your browser when trying to visit a site is part of the security protocols. When a browser shows a warning message and you are unable to visit any website that is evidence of security protocol error.

Image of Google Chrome with HTTPS warning

The Server's Security Certificate Is Not Yet Valid in Google Chrome is  message that shows  you can not visit  intended webpage due to certificate error, ranging from invalid to expired certification.

If you have this warning message comes up when trying to visit  any websites there is quick solution. Before going about anything to resolve the issue try to read the information displayed below the warning heading first.

STEP 1: Read the message displayed by Google Chrome on how to forestall the problem carefully from the warning page.

Image of System-tray in Windows

STEP 2: Right-click on 'Date and Time' on your system-tray.

Image of how to adjust date and time in Windows 

STEP 3: Select and click 'Adjust  date/time'  to continue.

Image of Date and Time dialogue in Windows

STEP 4:  At 'Date and Time dialogue' click 'Change date and time...'.

Image of Changing date and time in Windows 

STEP 5:  From the 'Date and Time Settings' correct the time and date to the current ones.

Image of Date and Time Setting in Windows

STEP 6:  Restart your Google Chrome  and visit the particular site you intended to see.