Thursday, December 13, 2012

LoadLanguage Failed Error In Windows

Drivers meant for your computer system are downloaded for installation with ease. They are downloaded in full without any reason to be suspicious of any incomplete errors coming up during installation.  The warning error message that precedes the installation is LoadLanguage Failed error with the OK-only option to leave the warning dialogue. Clicking OK closes the dialogue and the installation is terminated  immediately.

To find solution to the error message is not clear because there is no single link provided by Microsoft to resolve the issue on time and it is much confusing when Google search provides no adequate information regarding the error.

If you are experiencing the error message 'LoadLanguage Failed' while trying to install any driver on your system the following step-by-step instruction will help you out. However, note that the process applies to all Windows version, Windows 200, Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Image of LoadLanguage Failed error dialogue in Windows

Step 1 :  Click 'OK' on the 'LoadLanguage Failed' error dialogue.

Image of  Date and Time at the system tray in Windows

Step 2:  Look to the extreme right-hand corner of your screen for 'Date and Time' on the system tray and click on it.

Image of Change Date and Time Settings in Windows

Step 3:  Next select 'Change Date and Time Settings'.

Image of  Change 'Date and Time' in Windows

Step 4:  On the next dialogue click 'Change Date and Time'.

Image of Set The 'Date' and Time dialogue in Windows

Step 5:  Change the appropriate settings to your recent date.

Image of Set The Date and 'Time' dialogue in Windows

Step 6:  Also change the appropriate settings to your recent time. 

Image of Installation wizard  preparing to install a driver

Step 7:  Now, install your drivers with ease.