Sunday, November 25, 2012

Skype Outbound Voice Problem In Windows

Incoming voice can be heard clearly while outgoing is not received by the other person in Skype is usually a rare case. This particular problem is not common, though,  it is peculiar. The origin is often from within the system other than the voice over the internet protocol (voip) , least such error can be attributed to be coming from the server. After much troubleshooting with  the Skype inbuilt setup utility it is obvious there is need to check the operating system drivers for installation troubles.

If  the voice works perfectly well in other messenger clients,  like Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and others, but when it comes to Skype the voice fails to connect to the person on the receiving end of the incoming voice it is a sign of problem from within the system.

Online searches for information yielded nothing to find a proper solution. If you are experiencing this problem there is quick way to find a solution by following the step-by-step instruction below.

Image of uninstalling Skype at Control Panel

Step 1:  Uninstall 'Skype' from your system at the 'Control Panel' .

Image of Uninstalling Audio driver at Control Panel

Step 2: Uninstall your 'Audio driver' and 'VGA/Chipset drivers' from your system.

Image of Ccleaner

Step 3: Download 'Ccleaner' online, install it and run it to clean your registry.

Image of locating system Model from label

Step 4:  Check under your laptop for the right model or locate the label with the right model of your system make and write it down. In some cases, dxdiag might not give you the full detail of your system model to get the right drivers.

Step 5: Visit your computer maker site and download the 'Chipset, VGA and audio drivers'.

Step 6:  Install the Chipset driver first (don't forget to do that) and install the VGA and audio driver accordingly. The system will require you to restart the system after each installation. Don't forget to click  YES to restart the system.

Image of Skype Sign-in dialogue

Step 7: Now install 'Skype' (install the latest version) and sign in with your identifications and test the audio/video setup utility at 'Skype Options'.

Image of Skype call setup utility

Step 8: Try to test your microphone at the call setup utility at 'Skype Options'. Unchecked the 'automatically adjust microphone setting' and drag the control tab to maximum. *It will confirm if the voice is working properly. If not, the audio device hardware has probably gone bad.

*In the process of doing this there is 90% guarantee it will work when the right chipset,VGA and audio drivers are installed.