Sunday, December 30, 2012

Installing Windows 8 On Sony Vaio VGN-Z11VRN_B

One of the great things about Sony Vaio VGN-Z11VRN_B is the light weight. However, it is usually made to run on Windows Vista, later Windows and Windows 7 through upgrade.With the release of Windows 8 and its aesthetic nature and functionality, which can not be overlooked, those using the aforementioned Sony Vaio model are curious to know if to upgrade or do full installation on it is possible. For Windows 8 system requirements, please visit this LINK.

It is a surprise to most people who own Sony Vaio model VGN-Z11VRN_B to know Windows 8 run flawlessly on it. One thing that is always a problem is getting the right drivers to work. Most of them are usually forestalled by the installation yet you might still encounter one or more missing drivers.

If you are going to install Windows 8 on the system there are two things you must first abreast yourself of. First, you will have to know that you may not encounter  single  driver related trouble if you are installing the 32bit Operating System. Secondly, the 64bit is likely not to be compatible with the INVIDIA 34bit driver, which is the only graphic driver provided by Sony for the model. However, the 64bit graphic driver meant for Sony Vaio VGN-Z21ZN/X works perfectly well on it. To download it visit this LINK.

Image of device management  Sony Vaio VGN-Z21ZN/X 64bit graphic driver works perfectly on VGN-Z11VRN_B

There is always a way to install on both architectures without having much drivers issue arising at the end. When you are ready to install Windows 8 system on Sony Vaio VGN-Z11VRN_B this step-by-step instruction will help you to the right directions.

Note - it is better to do fresh/clean installation of Windows 8 than upgrade to prevent any pre-emptive troubles with former Operating System.

Image of Sony Vaio VGN-Z11VRN_B

STEP 1:  Decide on which system architecture(32bit or 64bit) you want to install your Operating System. I usually recommend 32bit in most cases for ease of getting all drivers available.

Image of Optical drive

STEP 2: Insert your Windows 8 Pack DVD into your system optical drive.

Image of Windows 8 Setup

STEP 3: Follow Windows installation on-screen instruction. If you don't know how to do that visit this LINK  on how to install Windows 8 on your system.

Image of Windows + E Keys of a Keyboard

STEP 4: Click Windows Key + E simultaneously to open 'Computer' dialogue. 

Image of a Computer dialogue in Windows 8

STEP 5: Select 'Desktop' to the right of the 'Computer' dialogue.

Image of Computer dialogue showing Manage in Windows 8

STEP 6: Right-click on 'Desktop' and select 'Manage'.

Image of Computer Management show Device Manager in Windows 8

STEP 7: From the 'Device Manager' to the right many drivers which are not install will carry yellow warning beneath them.

Image of Computer Management showing device dialogue in Windows 8

STEP 8: Right-click on the device and select 'Properties'. On the next device dialogue click on 'Detail' and select the 'Hardware IDs' from the drop-down menu under 'Property'. Right-click on it and copy the string under 'Value' and paste it into Google search and download the driver from trusted source.

Image of SD Memory card

STEP 9: For missing SD card writer/reader driver download "Rich SD Version for x64 " from Google trusted site and install it. For 34bit use the one meant for Vista from the Sony official website.

Image of Windows Update in Windows 8

STEP 10: Finally, most drivers missing can be downloaded through Windows updates. Check your Windows updates and install drivers.