Sunday, November 18, 2012

How To Install Windows 8 Pro On A PC

Windows 8 pro is arguably the best of all Windows Operating Systems to have been released to the general public. Indeed, it is the very aesthetic nature of the designs and features that distinguishes it as one of the best operating systems that we have seen in recent time. 

From the first look of things, it  presents you with options and features that can function in most platforms, from mobiles to PCs. These make it more unique in some sense than previous Windows OS or when compares to its competitors out there.  

Image of Windows 8 Pro

Installing Windows 8 pro on a computer system is very easy. Unlike former Windows XP, Vista and even Window 7 it doesn't require much time and effort to get it installed on a system. But, there are things which you need to forestall before going about the installation.

Windows 8 pro system requirements:

(a)  At least 1GHZ(Gigahertz) processor speed.
(b) 1 GB(Gigabytes) of RAM( Random Access Memory).
(c)  At least 20 GB(Gigabytes) of HDD(Hard Disk Drive).
(d)  MS Direct X9 graphic device with  WDDM(Windows Display Driver Model).

Image of Windows 8 Pro DVD

Step 1: Insert Windows 8 Pro pack DVD into the optical drive of your system.

Image of Optical Driver

Step 2: Restart the system and direct the system to boot from Optical drive.

Image of Windows 8 Pro Windows Setup

Step 3: At 'Install Windows' dialogue select the different options to your system specifications.

Image of Windows 8 Pro Setup Dialogue

Step 4:  Select 'Windows 8 Pro With Media Center 'right for your system architecture( either x86 - meaning 32bit or x64 meaning 64bit) at 'Select the operating system you want to install' and click 'Next'.

Image of  Windows 8 Pro Installing Windows dialogue

Step 5:  Wait for the system to copy and do the necessary installations as required at 'Installing Windows' dialogue. It may restart several times during this process.

Image of Windows 8 Pro Product key dialogue

Step 6: During installation enter Product Key as required by the installation process . Or Click 'Next' to enter it later.

Image of Windows 8 Pro Desktop

Step 7: At the desktop you will be presented with 'Windows 8 Pro With Media Center build 9200' inscription right at the extreme lower corner of your screen. 

Image of Windows 8 Pro File Explorer

Step 8:  Press Windows + E to open File Explorer folder. Select 'Desktop' it's to your left-hand side and right-click on 'Computer', choose 'Properties' and click ' ...Activate Windows Now .  

Image of Activated Windows 8 Pro

Step 9: From the Windows 8 Pro product pack there is among many pamphlets the one for Product keys, use the one designed for your architecture(32 bit or 64 bit). Enter the Product Key at the 'Windows Activation' dialogue and click 'Activate'.

Image of Windows 8 Pro PC Settings

Step 10:  Explore the features and set them to suit your interest.