Friday, May 11, 2012

Windows Cannot Be Installed To Disk 0 Partition 1 Error Message

The error message, 'Windows cannot be installed to the selected location: Error 0x80300001. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's bios menu', during Windows installation can be disturbing when it is clear the system is a new purchase. Although, the very reason behind the error message is explained on the information displayed below the partitions available on the system hard disk screen it is not detailed enough on how to go about solving the problem. When there seems to be no way in taking care of the problem after following instruction online it becomes obvious one needs to look for other ways out. That is when this step-by-step explanation becomes necessary.

At the BIOS where the supposed problem emanates from is clean and taking to the instruction for solution proffered below by the given error message to set appropriate levels to default has not yielded any positive result. Going further into the 'advanced settings' for the drive to accept the installation as instructed only to find out nothing has changed that much. It looks as if there is quite no effect made to the way the hard drive is addressed and still no changes in all ramification to arrest the situation.

A further look at the hard disk, by taking it out and testing it in another system works like charm. In that case, a little tweaking at the advanced setting in the BIOS is necessary or simply revert Settings to 'default' will be helpful. If it repeats the same error on another system then there is every chance the hard disk drive (HDD) has malfunctioned. Replacing it would be the best alternative way to complete  the Windows setup.

The cause of this problem usually comes from the inability of the hard disk drive to respond and communicate properly due to something preventing it from doing so. It could be both hardware and software related problem. In the troubleshooting processes effort should be channeled largely toward focus on software and hardware areas. There is nothing wrong in applying any disk utility application available out there first yet it is sometimes time-wasting(though,one could be learning something new). Resorting to long test while in haste to make use of the system than purchasing a new working drive can be more disturbing at times.

Example of disk error message during Windows installation

There are two ways in resolving the problem, one is to replace the hard disk approach while the other is loading the system controller driver. Whichever way might be the case, the following steps are meant to help identify, arrest and find a solution.

(a) Hardware: replacing the hard disk drive if controller driver  and BIOS changes have no effect.  

Step 1: Enter the Bios, at the advanced settings change the SATA controller to Raid or Legacy IDE, do not set it to AHCI. 

Step 2: Save the settings and exit to restart the system.It tries to load the system file and at the partition section the same problem is encountered. 

Step 3: Remove the HDD and try it in another system  to affirm the error.

Step 4: If no changes made then try to replace the HDD with a new or working one. Try to return it if still under warranty.

(b) Software: applying controller driver that came with the system.                 

Step 1: Set the BIOS SATA controller to IDE or default Raid legacy.

Step 2: Get you drivers CD or DVD ready .

Step 3: Insert the CD or DVD when the installation request for it at the partitioning point. Google on controller driver for the system and download it from appropriate sites(most especially, from the product maker website) .

Step 4: Press F6 and Windows will automatically load the necessary drivers.

Step 5: When finished with the upload restart the system and insert Windows installation disk.

Step 6: Partition the hard disk drive and continue with the installation.