Saturday, May 12, 2012

All Icons Missing From A Computer Desktop

Taking a look at the plain desktop that's used to be full of icons brings attention to what must have gone wrong somewhere within the computer system. It doesn't seem to be funny going to 'Start' and select programs from there to work with. Routines become tasking and cumbersome, something everyone doesn't like to pass through most of the time. That's as a result of nothing aesthetic links left on the screen and going through sequential means to packages as well as the strangeness of seeing something different from what one is used to. Shortcuts are quick ways to get around to packages, folders and files within a system.  It is no longer the situation in this case as they are not available on the place they used to be on the computer. To click on package directly is now a delayed process. A blank screen and a background remain only the things left to interact with. 

Staring at blank screen in Windows XP can be boring at time, most especially, when favorite program icons are missing. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 the system tray still has icons to click on but not enough space to display all of them at once as it is with the desktop screen,  it would require taking extra clicks to get the remaining ones which are hidden from the user.

Now, the intention to Google or Bing on  likely cause of the situation is closely persuasive. After some attempts, the results coming in from the search are quite many, they could have been simple and straight to the point but they are not. When simple steps to find solution is boring it's obviously clear that time is important and the need for a concise steps is the conceivable idea.

                             Example of an icon-less desktop

However, there are two ways of approach in finding solution to the situation. One is simply plain and direct to the point of restoring the missing icons and the other needs a bit of troubleshooting and getting around a bit to get rid of the culprit.

                       An image displays a way to show hidden icons on the desktop

Before going about getting solutions make sure one keeps in mind the safety of keeping important files intact
to avoid lost of information.

                              Windows XP with icons on the desktop

(a) When icons are hidden accidentally

Step 1:  Move the mouse to the plain desktop.

Step 2:  Right-click on it and select 'View' and  move to 'Show desktop icons'(as in the second image above) to show hidden icons. 

(b) When icons are Missing in critical case

After  trying the steps in a situation of hidden and icons are still not restored back follow the steps below

Step 1:  Scan the system with good security package to remove malicious software.

Step 2:  Follow the steps in the previous solution of 'When icons are hidden accidentally'.

Step 3: Go to Control Panel and uninstall packages/software which are not familiar(including toolbars and  addons).

Step 4: Click on 'Start', select 'programs' and move to 'Accessories'. Select 'System tools' and click on 'Restore system'.  Do a system restore to the time in the past.