Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Identify And Find USB 2.0 Camera Driver

In rare occasion USB 2.0 camera driver is hard to find when the manufacturer installation disc that came with it is missing. Troubleshooting for solutions requires careful identification of the hardware compatibility and also requires patience to search through online sites for the right driver.

Locating missing cam driver on the internet used to be easy, not until most file hosting sites have been forced to remove copyright properties uploaded by individuals using their services. It started with the move by PIPA and SOPA to protect copyrights and intellectual properties rights, which in one way is a rewarding idea while on the other has a consequential effect on products which missing drivers are no longer supported on the device makers official websites. It can be a hard task for a person finding such driver while somebody else using the same thing can not be reach or altogether not available online.

There are many hardware and software identifiers online to download and find suitable drivers for your system. During the process of installation some of them add unwanted files to the recipient system. Some identify and point to updates which are often times not the right ones meant for the specific problem. Also, directing the system to links which are not supporting the drivers legitimate publishers or providers recommendation.

                                                   Image above of Computer Management with Device Manager

In such a situation doing the identification through Windows Device Manager is the best choice. A 'Device Manager' is found among the list of items on the left hand side of the 'Computer Management'. It helps a user to identify,view and manage the hardware of a system. This device is very sensitive to any hardware installed and ready to tell the user the conditions of a hardware and give information about why it malfunctioned.

                                                                 An overview of a Windows 7 Device Manager

If that is the case with your system, do the following to identify and find your camera device driver.

Step 1:  Right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'.

Step 2:  At the 'Computer Management ' locate 'Device Manager', at the right-hand side of the window .

Step 3:  Insert a camera device(that would be your camera) and it would try to install the driver but without success.

Step 4: Right-click on the item with yellow questionmark by the 'Imaging Device' and select 'Properties'.

Step 5: Select 'Details' and on the drop-down menu select 'Hardware Id'. Below it is information about the camera hardware which will be displayed in variables.

Step 6: Copy and paste the camera 'Hardware Id' information displayed to Google search and download the driver from trusted third party site.

Step 7: After downloading the file, install the driver by following the instruction of the installation wizard.