Saturday, December 27, 2008

Strike F1 To Retry Boot, F2 For Setup Utility At Booting

Turning on your personal computer immediately after the BIOS a message appears saying "Strike F1 To Retry Boot, F2 For Setup Utility At Booting". When you depress F1 key the computer runs the setup again and returns back to thesame spot. Upon pressing the F2 key the computer takes you to the BIOS setup and you find out that the hard disk is zero (0) effective. As you try to make changes only to no effect. Later on, you carefully close the BIOS setup wondering what was wrong with a system that worked few hours or so ago. The problem is usually with the signal cable. If you are having this problem with your PC the following steps will help you fix it:

Step 1: First and foremost, you will have to switch off your system right from the socket or remove the electric cable that carries current to the PC before going about anything(for security against electric shock).

Step 2: Open your system central processing unit. Check the signal or the SATA cables connecting the HD(hard disk) to the MOBO(motherboard) if they are properly sitted.If they are not, resit them properly.

Step 3: Now connect your computer power and put on the system. You will see your welcome screen come up. If you didn't see your welcome screen and, your computer is repeating the same previous problem message that means you will have to by a new signal or SATA cables to replace the old ones --- which are probably broken internally or gone bad.